Video Clips: The Economics of Happiness

Economic analyst Helena Norberg-Hodge, core to the ‘new economy’ movement, appeared on this Saturdays edition of financial satire show, The Keiser Report. In her calm and clear style she talked about wellbeing and localisation on a show where tough financial pundits, biting satire and top economists unveil visceral truths and scandal from the stock markets.

Local economics is not a new concept but understanding how capitalism is a game rigged for us all to lose is at the forefront of many discussions. What will a new future look like? How will it work? How will it feel? In the trailer above, one example from Detroit is undoubtedly interesting, while the words of Zac Goldsmith and others shed light on where we are now. When Hodge talks about Ladhak she crosses into the subject territory of something that I witnessed first-hand during time spent in LA, namely the ultimate spiritual price that capitalism demands from us all, which I’ll write about in the future.

Just a year old, the entire documentary, The Economics Of Happiness is available to rent online for $5 on vimeo HERE. It’s a cosy Sunday and I’m about to press play…..

Hodge is about to release a book Localization: Essential Steps to an Economics of Happiness, an excerpt can be found here. Also, the International Alliance For Localisation launches on Nov 8 in NYC (if any videos from the event come online I’ll post them!) watch the clip below: