Video: What it means when +2°c tipping point is discussed..

OK, so it’s all dramatic music and deep Alec Baldwin voice-over (!) however the information shared by the National Geographic documentary below, on what each successive degree in global temperature rise will look like for humanity, remains sound. The origins are from the book ‘Six Degrees: Our Future On A Hotter Planet‘, by Mark Lynas, the first expert seen speaking on the documentary, who did untold amounts of research into the subject. A reader posted a précis here.

I posted this doc because climate conferences and experts always talk about fighting to keep the world at +2 °c. An article discussing the history of this figure, accepted as the earths tipping point, was published in the New York Times today. Reporter for The Guardian Suzanne Goldenburg writes that environmental groups say the faltering conference in Lima puts us on course for +3/4 °c.

Currently, the world has gained +0.8°C change in climate since the Industrial Age….